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Chad Elliott

Do you ever wonder what the world would be like if we stayed within our childhood imaginings?

Wilderman's is the creation of Chad Elliott. Elliott has been painting, sculpting, songwriting and performing for over 20 years, all the while holding on to the inner wildness of his youth. Elliott, who has 3 children, was inspired to write and record the Wilderman's book and album after becoming a father. Wilderman’s books, albums and art exhibits embrace the fires of creativity and inspiration. Elliott hopes this work will kindle a love for the arts and the outdoors in children for generations to come.

If you would like to bring Chad Elliott to your school, library, gallery or venue for a live event or workshop, contact Alyssa at alyssa@wildermansbooks.com. 

Books and Music

Wilderman’s Treetop Tales is a collection of whimsical lyrics and paintings created by International award-winning songwriter, Chad Elliott. Think Shel Silverstein with more color and a song album. The book is designed for ages 3-10 and contains both heartwarming and giggle-worthy poetry accompanied by Chad’s own illustrations. Chad, who has been performing original songs for 20 years and is a winner of the Woody Guthrie Song contest, brings 10 of the lyrics from the book to life in the companion music album, also titled Wilderman’s Treetop Tales. Together, the book and album create an interdisciplinary offering of art, music and writing which allows the whole family to embrace wild imagination. The Wilderman's Treetop Tales book and album will be released on Nov. 10, 2014. The book and album are sold separately.

If you would like to sell the Treetop Tales book or album in your store, contact Alyssa at alyssa@wildermansbooks.com.

Traveling Art Exhibit

Dream of Flying by Chad Elliott

Chad Elliott has completed the first traveling Wilderman's exhibit. It includes 15 acrylic paintings. These 3-by-4 foot paintings were used for the illustrations of the Treetop Tales book.

If you would like this exhibit to visit your gallery, contact Alyssa at homefirebooking@gmail.com.

If you would like to order prints of the Wilderman's Treetop Tale illustrations, visit Chad's RedBubble Shop.

Live Events

Chad Elliott can bring the world of Wilderman's to your school, library, gallery, bookstore or venue. He offers a variety of programs including:

  • Children's Concerts
  • Songwriting Workshops
  • Character Painting Workshops
  • School Literacy Nights (Free in 2017!)
  • Book Signings

Chad tours year-round and nation-wide. To see a list of his live events, view his calendar. To inquire about a program, contact Alyssa at alyssa@wildermansbooks.com.

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